The coating is a protective layer made up of a polymeric aqueous dispersion on a paper-based support.

By means of an anilox cylinder, the liquid mix is evenly and regularly spread onto the surface. The so-coated paper passes through a drying tunnel where it achieves all the properties required on the finished product.

The coating can be applied on paper from 40 g/mq or on cardboard up to 700 g/mq.

Our Company applies diverse coatings upon customer’s request, in order to provide the performance of the finished product at the end use:

HEAT SEALABILITY at three different temperatures: 85°C, 130°C, 150°C

LIQUID BARRIER that considerably reduces the absorbency of water of the paper-based support (Cobb60 < 5 g/mq)

GREASE AND OIL BARRIER that prevents paper support from getting dirt with stains

RESISTANCE TO MEDIUM TEMPERATURES, suitable for baking and hot-filling.


All our coatings are designed for food contact applications.

Laboratory tests carried out according to the Standard UNI 11743 assessed that our coated products are recyclable in the paper stream with a coarse reject lower than 5%.

Our technical office carries out the following assessments:

Resistance to water absorption of the coated product in relation to the base support with Cobb test

Resistance to oil and grease by means of a Kit test

Sealability of heat-seal coatings, with a heat sealer machine with smooth rods and regulation of pressure, temperature and time of contact;

Measurement of grammage and thickness of the coated samples.

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